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一个人辉煌的背后需要付出很多的努力。 翻译成英文是:One needs to have made many efforts behind his brilliance. 相关单词: brilliance 英 ['brɪlɪəns] 美 [ˈbrɪljəns] n. 光辉,辉煌;才华;宏伟;明亮;亮...

那个让我最爱的人,我只想以后得每个日出日落都能陪着你,都能有你陪着。 The one that I love the most, I only want to be able to accompany you every sunrise and sunset, can have you accompany. 那个让我最爱的人,我只想以后得每个日出...

In my eyes, you are the most beautiful angel In my eyes, you are the most lovely angel

if the is a misstake to love you ,i woudle rather go along this way without back.

To enter into US ports, you need to hold a passport validated for more than six months. Even with US visa, passport only validated for six months can not go into US ports.

请帮我看一下这一句话翻译成中文是什么意思的英语翻译是:Please help me to see what this sentence means in translating into Chinese.

"nothing is impossible " is one of my favorite proverb.

"Please give me another three years and let me learn to give up for the last time!" “Please give me three more years and let me learn to give up for the last time!” 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

一、划分句子成为: 1、人称:我们we,us,ourselves 2、名词:工厂factory 3、修饰词:专业profession,special field of study,specialized field 二、翻译句子: 我们是专业生产**工厂 We are specialized in producing ** factory; 三、技巧:...

请将余额尽快付给我们,因为财务告诉我他们将不好做账。 Please pay the balance to us as soon as possible, as the financial dept told me they will have trouble in accounting. 余额 - balance 您好,原文翻译如上供参考,不明白可继续提...

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