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just right ; just enough better in time.

我正好/刚好在学法语 I happened to be learning French. 调料放的正合适 The ingredients were just right. 不同语言环境中的“正好/刚好”用词是不同的

这个可以用复杂高级的语法结构表达 no sooner... than... "一...就..." 引导时间状语从句,主句用过去完成时,"than"后面的从句用一般过去时.(从这里可以知道,no sooner后面是主句;than后面是从句) 例: I had no sooner reached home than it bega...

I just feel it's enough with you

the right amount the just amount

Finding the right person and falling in love in the right time is much more important than falling in love earlier.

LAM Yim ching If you are a girl, use Yammy LamIf you are a boy, use Charles LAM

这汤刚刚好。 The soup is just fine. 否定句在is后加not

“恰潜有着刚刚好的意思。 在粤语里面,一般都用“岩岩”,和普通话里面的“恰潜是一个用法。 不过具体还得看你怎么用。 比如说“恰好”,粤语里面就可以说,“岩好”。

I must say you have good taste.this style is just our new model. 我要说您真有眼光, 这款刚好是我们的新产品

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