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just right ; just enough better in time.

I just feel it's enough with you

我正好/刚好在学法语 I happened to be learning French. 调料放的正合适 The ingredients were just right. 不同语言环境中的“正好/刚好”用词是不同的

Just on time. in time 及时,e.g及时的帮助,强调速度 on time 准时,e.g准时到达,是在规定的时间点上

the right amount the just amount

这个可以用复杂高级的语法结构表达 no sooner... than... "一...就..." 引导时间状语从句,主句用过去完成时,"than"后面的从句用一般过去时.(从这里可以知道,no sooner后面是主句;than后面是从句) 例: I had no sooner reached home than it bega...

Right on the dot!

您好,领学网为您解答: 刚好[gāng hǎo ] just; exactly; happen to; it so happened that 例句:我们刚好赶上那班公共汽车。 We were just in time for the bus. 刚好就在我下方,有个家伙手里拿着那个球。 There, directly below me, was a gu...

LAM Yim ching If you are a girl, use Yammy LamIf you are a boy, use Charles LAM

I must say you have good taste.this style is just our new model. 我要说您真有眼光, 这款刚好是我们的新产品

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