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人类最终都会走向死亡 Humans will eventually die.

那一天,人类终于回想起,曾经一度被他们支配的恐怖,还有那被囚禁于鸟笼中的那份耻辱。 That day, the man finally recalled, was the terror of once dominated by them, there was imprisoned in a birdcage share of shame.

你那样理解错了。 “differences between people “ 其中的 people 是复数,表示的是“人与人之间(即:人们之间 。people=person and person)”。后面的 “and the ……for natural selection”就表示与前面的无关。 between people 修饰 differences ...

Had the metaphors in history, human want to unite to build the tower to day, to show the human power. When people speak the same language, so communication is smooth, the construction progress. In order to stop them, god for hu...

译文:The beginning of the human race on earth 。 以上是我的回答,希望对您有帮助!

毁灭人类 翻译:destruction of human ------------------------------------------------------- 望楼主采纳!

liberated Human beings have the chance to learn to use tools While the use of tools is the biggest difference between human beast also According to the law of survival of the fittest, many creatures can't adapt to climate chang...

【汉语】愚蠢的人类 【英语】foolish humans;foolish human beings;stupid humans;Human is Stupid 【例句1】She laughed long and loud. " You foolish humans never cease to amaze me! " 女巫放声大笑, “ 你们愚蠢的人类,总会做些稀奇古怪...

英文是 We are all human, but we are not the kind of person

technology is the fortune which creates by the joint effort of human being

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