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I like eating fruits, but my favorite fruit is the pear. Unlike apple, grape and some other fruits which sometimes are sour, pear is always sweet, that is one reason I like it. Besides that, pear is good for health. There are m...

Would you like to eat something? No, thanks. My favorite meal is dumplings!

Chinese dumplings and culture Chinese dumplings or Jiaozi,with meat and vegetable fillings,is a traditional Chinese Food,which is essential during holidays in Northern China.Chinese are Masters in the Art of Making Dumplings. H...

夙徨頁厘恷浪散議奮麗. Dumpling is my favorite food. 錬李辛參逸欺低 李寡追

Dumpling is not only one of the most traditional food but also my favourite food.

my favourite are noodles and dumplings foods辛參恂音辛方匆辛參恂辛方。汽匯恂奮麗栖讐音辛方。叱嶽叱嶽奮麗頁辛方議


麼囂頁food 錬李厘議指基嬬校逸欺低李寡追 廝低僥楼序化爺爺酔赤。O(”_”)O

郭夙徨頁載峠械議並秤厘恷山廷議敢准郭議夙徨。 定眉噴絡貧12泣議扮昨厘貫譛詈議鋒知嶄瓜第第出軟栖郭定匚傾!!夙徨。匯倖倖壓経木議邦嶄鍬強議夙徨厮将其竃僣易議暁徨龍厮将闘阻竃栖挫磧 匯徒徒議夙徨極極屎屎議慧壓彑徨貧吉欺畠社...

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