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resolve vt. 1. 解决,解答;消除(疑惑等) The letter resolved all our doubts. 这封信消除了我们的一切疑虑。 2. 决心,决定[+to-v][+(that)] She resolved (that) she would never speak to him again. 她决心不再和他说话。 We resolved to vis...

已经解决的 solve的过去式

从左边apartment 3那里走,从阳台绕一圈的上面的那个房间就能进apartment 4了。

你好: 这句话是说,这个“power-utile”不能成功通过,是因为它不包含静态变量,并且没有输入。 那么你在相关位置添加入静态变量和输入即可。 谢谢

要看前面领头的是什么主语,比如 I need to go to the company with many problem to solved. It's a bad deal with many problems to be solved.这是一个有很多问题需要解决的烂交易。

Every time I get in trouble,I would use the following steps to solve them.The first step is to find why I get these problems.The second step is to think that how many methods could be used to take me out the dilemma.The last bu...


Jessica solved the physics problems on her own. 满意望采纳,谢谢

不对,完全不知道你要表达什么 以我的理解应该是 The problem has been solved。(问题已经得到解决。) 现在完成时 The problem had been solved 过去完成时

Port refinement, process hf3d error: Port port1 does not have a solved inside material on either side.. (4:12:19 下午 四月 04, 2013)Simulation ...

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